Canada has a long cricket history, dating back to the 1800s when it participated in the first ever official International cricket match staged in North America vs the USA.

That three day match garnered thousands of spectators watching Canada win a thrilling fixture over the British Empire.

We have moved from the dress whites and fine teas to bring a revolutionary culture change to the global game culture of the new age cricket game back to its roots.

It is our aim to deliver a unique and signature event in Canada to rival our global counterparts.

The role that T20 international tournaments globally play in the development of the game is of the utmost importance. Along with capturing the imagination of our youth, the Global T20 Canada game is poised to catapult cricket as the world’s leading sport with a continued growth in broadcast viewership.

While attaining heights of the Indian Premier League and Big Bash is the goal, we believe that youth development of players and officials is integral to the longevity and continued growth of the product.

Bombay Sports Co. is therefore pleased to provide you with this presentation on the Initiative in Canada.