GT20 pioneers digital transformation in cricket leagues

Official Mobile App trending as No. 1 sports app in Canada

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 6, 2019 – The Global T20 Canada Cricket Tournament has taken the world’s cricket-mania and its fan experience to the next level. With the debut of its official mobile app earlier last month, GT20 is pioneering a digital transformation in cricket leagues and has completely transformed the landscape of cricket fan engagement. Together with its official accounts on other social media platforms, the tournament has already garnered a total of 1.5 million subscribers in less than a month and this number is expected to skyrocket in this final week of the game.

The GT20 Official Mobile App, debuted for Season 2 of the games, is the first-ever of its kind in cricket history. It is the first time ever in the world that a cricket league has created a fan hub via a mobile app in cricket league, connecting fans front and centre. The app is currently trending as the number one sports app in Canada as well as in India.

According to GT20 official figures, the app currently has over 140,000 active users from across the world and has already generated over 1.2 millions interactions following its launch earlier last month; and these numbers continue to grow rapidly day by day, with the target of hitting at least 100 million interactions target by the end of the tournament.

“In the age of ubiquitous mobile devices and social media interaction, our aim is to embrace the connected fan with a first-of-its-kind experience. We are proud to create our own social media platform for Season 2 and be on the leading edge introducing this first-ever cricket league app,” says Karan Singh, Chief Operating Officer of the Global T20 Canada.

Official figures also show that among the active users of the app, 85% has been using it on a daily basis, and spending an average of 28 minutes a day on it. Among the users, over 50% is from age group 18-35, 35% are aged 35 and above, and 15% are between 12-16.

GT20 rocks multiple social media platforms, reaching over 1.5 million subscribers in total

Together with the mobile app, GT20 has reached a significant milestone, hitting a total of over 1.5 million users on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. This figure is expected to skyrocket this week as the games head to the final week.

“With our data showing youth and millennials as our largest audience, we have been putting in the needed infrastructure to foster fan engagement and enhance viewing experience. The GT20 Official Mobile App has been our brilliant investment catering to the digital generation which also serves as an important driver to boost viewership. We are thrilled that GT20 is achieving this new momentum, empowering cricket fans via multiple social media platforms,” Singh added.

As a one-stop shop for fans to get closer to the action than ever before, the app has both a social and trending posts search engines, match schedule and standings updates. It also offers exclusive content and profiles of the teams and global influencers, including GT20’s official ambassadors Wasim Akram, Brian Lara, Dean Jones and well-known cricket bloggers and journalists.

Users also have chances to win flight tickets, sponsored by Turkish Airlines, GT20 match tickets and official merchandise. The app is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

The tournament runs until this Sunday, August 11. All games take place at the newly-built, world-class 5,000-seat cricket stadium at the CAA Sports Centre located at 7575 Kennedy Road South in Brampton, Ontario. For more information, visit GT20 official website at For game tickets, visit